Your Next Great Read

Want to know about our favorite reads? Just ask. We’d love to tell you!



Kings of the wyld -- Nicholas Eames

Alone in the wild -- Kelley Armstrong

All the broken people -- Leah Konen

All my mother’s lovers -- Ilana Masad

Before she disappeared -- Lisa Gardner

Triple chocolate cheesecake murder -- Joanne Fluke

The vineyard at painted moon -- Susan Mallery

Honey girl -- Morgan Rogers

88 names -- Matt Ruff

The bear -- Andrew Krivak

After Alice fell -- Kim Taylor Blakemore

Forge of darkness -- Steven Erikson

A thousand ships -- Natalie Haynes

Hamnet & Judith -- Maggie O’Farrell

Bridgerton #2-4 -- Julia Quinn

Recipe for a perfect wife -- Karma Brown

Invisible woman -- Erika Robuck

The winemaker’s wife -- Kristin Harmel

The empathy problem -- Gavin Extence

An ordinary life -- Amanda Prowse

The Californios -- Louis L’Amour

The wicked die twice -- William W. Johnstone

Branded -- Eric Red

Where there’s fire, there’s smoke -- William W. Johnstone

Nathan Stark, army scout -- William W. Johnstone

It’s been a pleasure, Noni Blake -- Claire Christian

Off the wild coast of Brittany -- Juliet Blackwell

The Wright sister -- Patty Dann

The unspoken name -- A.K. Larkwood

The forever girl -- Jill Shalvis

The airship -- Adam Tipps Weinstein

The eagle and the viper -- Loren D. Estleman

Northern spy -- Flynn Berry

When we were young -- Jaclyn Golds

The Palm Beach murders -- James Patterson

100 boyfriends -- Brontez Purnell

Cover your tracks -- Daco S. Auffenorde

Dark sky -- C.J. Box

Hidden in plain sight -- Jeffrey Archer

Barcelona days -- Daniel Riley

The renter -- Michael Tregbov

American traitor -- Brad Taylor

Band of sisters -- Lauren Willig

Le sommeil des loutres -- Marie-Christine Chartier (french)

All the ways we said goodbye -- Beatriz Williams

The girl from the Channel Islands -- Jenny Lecoat

Seven blades in black -- Sam Sykes

The Paris library -- Janey Skeslein Charles

Take a hint, Dani Brown -- Talia Hibbert

Act your age, Eve Brown -- Talia Hibbert

The restoration of Celia Fairchild -- Marie Bostwick

The forgotten orphan -- Glynis Peters

The yellow bird sings -- Jennifer Rosner